Best Name Tape

Best Name Tape is small family owned business. We are proud to design and manufacture our products right outside Boston, MA.

Since 1955, Best Name Tape's Sew-On and Iron-On Name Tapes ARE THE BEST clothing labels in the industry. Our 'old fashioned' process prints indelible ink on tapes in such a way that the print won't smudge or wear out over time... ever! Our tapes are sourced for their unique ability to sew or iron-on to nearly any garment. These tapes are laundry safe and adhere with a household iron or sewing kit.

Our clothing name tapes and labels prevent garments and equipment from being lost in all industries including camps, kindergartens, nursing homes, military academies, boarding schools, religious organizations and more! Our name tapes and labels offer the BEST solution for identifying your clothing and equipment.

Best Name Tape strives to provide quality customer service and fast shipping.


PHONE: (617) 967-5645

SERVICE: [email protected]

SALES: [email protected]


31 North Beacon Street

Allston, MA